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To insure safety at 123 Party & Bounce Inc., parents/ guardians/caregivers must make sure children in their care abide by the rules posted throughout facility. To keep our facility clean, all participants and adults are required to remove shoes in lobby area. Socks are required no bare feet . Socks are available for purchase if you forget to bring.

  • Socks must be worn in the facility at all times! No shoes, No bare feet! (Adults included)

  • No Running

  • No fighting, pushing or horseplay

  • No hiding behind equipment.

  • No FOOD, GUM, CANDY or DRINKS in play area!

  • Feet FIRST down the slides on bottoms!

  • Allow time for others to exit the slide before you slide.

  • Do NOT stand at bottom of the slide or climb up the slide area, use side steps!

  • Enter and Exit all equipment properly, climbing over side walls will NOT be tolerated!

  • Do NOT lean over the edge of equipment!

  • Step or sit and slide off the equipment, do not jump off.

  • Empty pockets and remove jewelry, we are not responsible for lost or broken items.

  • Watch for smaller kids and play nicely!

  • Flips, somersaults, or other stunts can result in removal from facility.

  • Be careful, you play at your own risk!

  • Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times. You are responsible for supervising your children.

  • Confetti and Piñatas are prohibited.

  • Outside food is allowed as long as it is peanut free.

  • No gifts or cake permitted in the facility without a party booking.

  • Most importantly, Have FUN!

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